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Alcorn St. vs. Arizona: Lineups and video for Saturday night's opener

Starting a day late, but Alcorn is here and wearing horrible jerseys

Harry How

It took them an extra day, but the Alcorn St. Braves have made it to Tucson for a three-game set, with game one set for 6 PM Saturday night.

Live video:

Arizona is running out a totally different lineup than one we've seen so far this year.


Arizona Wildcats (3-2)

1. LF Zach Gibbons

2. DH Willie Calhoun

3. SS Kevin Newman

4. 2B Trent Gilbert

5. CF Scott Kingery

6. 3B Cody Ramer

7. 1B Bobby Dalbec

8. C Jordan Berger

9. RF Joseph Maggi

RHP James Farris

Alcorn State Braves (0-5)

1. C Edgardo Salas

2. RF Earl Burl

3. DH Angel Polo

4. CF Joshua Powell

5. LF Scotty Peavey

6. 1B Ashton Lewis

7. 2B Christian Mickman

8. 3B Shaquille Cockrell

9. SS Moses Charles

RHP Ryan Fuentes