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MLB Draft 2014 Preview: Complete list of current Arizona Wildcats and commits eligible for MLB Draft

Know which Wildcats players and commits may be drafted in the MLB Draft this weekend.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

The 2014 MLB Draft is this week, starting Thursday evening. There are many Arizona players and commits who are draft-eligible, and some commits have the potential of being drafted very early on.

Here's a complete list of the current and possibly future Arizona Wildcats that could be taken this weekend. Numbers in () are their ranking on the Baseball America Top 500 Prospects list.


  • RHP James Farris (357)

Farris was drafted 437th overall by the Houston Astros in the 2013 Draft.


  • 2B Trent Gilbert (272)
  • RHP Tyler Parmenter (423)
  • C Riley Moore
  • OF/1B Joseph Maggi
  • OF Tyler Krause
  • LHP Tyler Crawford
  • C Jordan Berger
  • C Nathan Zavos
  • RHP Mathew Troupe

The first three on this list should definitely be drafted, Gilbert being the lone Wildcat in the first ten rounds. I can't imagine Riley Moore being back with the Wildcats next season no matter where he gets drafted.

I'm guessing the two other pitchers (Crawford and Troupe) get drafted in the late rounds. Troupe of course had Tommy John Surgery a few weeks into this season, so whichever team drafts him would be taking him without seeing him post-TJ surgery.

Don't think Maggi, Krause, Berger or Zavos get picked, although Maggi has some pedigree with his brothers Drew and Beau. Drew was drafted in the 15th round of the 2010 Draft, and Beau went in the 24th round of the 2012 Draft.


  • RHP Cody Hamlin
  • LHP Xavier Borde

Cody Hamlin is draft-eligible due to transferring from Western Nevada College. The key for next year's Arizona pitching staff is where Hamlin gets picked, and what he decides to do with it. It's sort of like the James Farris situation last year. If Hamlin comes back, two weekend starters return. If not, it's only Tyger Talley. Simple as that. Borde will likely get drafted in the late rounds, similar to Augey Bill last year. Borde is draft-eligible because he has red-shirted a season.


  • RHP Michael Kopech (37)
  • SS Cole Tucker (84)
  • 1B JJ Matijevic (180)
  • RHP Jordan Yamamoto (345)
  • OF Darius Day (440)
  • C Handsome Monica (480)
  • LHP Cameron Avila-Leeper (488)
  • OF Elijah Skipps
  • RHP Nickolas Ortega
  • RHP Eric Flores
  • RHP Kaleb Roper
  • C Daniel Millwee
  • LHP Cameron Ming
  • RHP Kyle Beadles
  • C Shea Sbranti
  • RHP Collin Fries
  • RHP Matt Hartman

With how the MLB Draft works now after being re-done in 2012, being selected in the first ten rounds typically means that a player will go pro. If the Baseball America rankings roughly show how the draft will go, this would mean Kopech, Tucker, Matijevic, and possibly Yamamoto would be headed to pro ball instead of coming to Tucson.

Perfect Game currently projects Kopech going 33rd overall to the Boston Red Sox, which would certainly mean the right-hander out of Texas would spurn college ball for Minor League Baseball.

For some reference, freshman Willie Calhoun was selected in the 17th round by the Tampa Bay Rays last year, and sophomore Jackson Willeford was drafted in the 12th round by the Kansas City Royals.

So there you go. A lot of players to keep a little bit of an eye on as the MLB Draft progresses over the next few days.