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MLB Draft Results: Arizona Wildcats commit Michael Kopech taken in first round by Boston Red Sox

The top Arizona recruit was taken in the first round of the MLB Draft

Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the top recruit for the Arizona Wildcats will not be headed to Tucson after Michael Kopech was selected by the Boston Red Sox in the first round of this year's MLB Draft. At 33rd overall, this is right where he was projected to get picked earlier this week by various outlets.

Kopech, a right-handed pitcher out of Mount Pleasant, TX, was down to choosing between Texas and Arizona when selecting a college. He was once projected as an early first round pick, but recently slipped down to where he was chosen in the late first round. One reason for that is the legit concern of his signability, and whether or not he'll choose college over Minor League Baseball.

And here's the Baseball America video.

At 18 years old, he stands at 6-4, and weighs just 190 pounds. His frame at least makes it possible that college would work best for his progression as our friends at Crawfish Boxes point out.

Unlike a lot of right-handed pitchers out of Texas, Kopech is not a guy who overpowers with his fastball...yet. According to Perfect Game, his fastball has sat in the low 90s for the last two years, and even had a little bit of a dip at last year's Area Code Games (a weekend where fellow Arizona commit Handsome Monica shined).

It would be great for the Arizona pitching staff for the next three years for Kopech to show up in Tucson in the fall. At 33rd overall, I can't imagine a young kid doing that, but it would be amazing.