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MLB Draft Results: Roundup of where each Arizona Wildcats player and commit was drafted

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With the MLB Draft over, here's a look at where Arizona players and commits were each drafted:

Here's the complete list of players either in the program or on their way that were eligible to be drafted..

Notables that didn't get drafted include Riley Moore, Mathew Troupe, Tyler Crawford, Cody Hamlin, and Handsome Monica.

Personally, and it's also the opinion of others that were around the team this year, I don't see Andy Lopez bringing Riley Moore back next season. Ever since 2012, there's been questions about his abilities defensively and to lead a pitching staff, and this year, his bat also took a huge step back. With a big-time recruit like Handsome Monica on the way, I just don't see Moore coming back. Along with Moore, I don't expect to see Joseph Maggi on next year's roster.

Troupe will be coming off Tommy John surgery, and likely at the earliest, he'll be ready by Pac-12 play. Crawford will hopefully have the stomach virus thing figured out soon that kept him out of most of this season, and he'll be a big-time contributor out of the bullpen.

Cody Hamlin coming back is huge on the starting pitcher front. Coach Lopez had said right after the season that JuCo recruiting over the next several weeks would hinge on Hamlin coming back. Instead of looking for two JuCo arms, now the Wildcats will really just need one to come in. Or, if Michael Kopech decides he wants to come to Tucson because he did fall a little in the draft this year (although 33rd overall is still extremely high), there's less of a need at starting pitcher today than there was a week ago.

Parmenter is a weird one. He was drafted in the 15th round three years ago, and was drafted six rounds later this year at a different position. Could he come back for one more year to try and develop as a hard-throwing relief pitcher and bump his stock up a little more? Maybe.

Yamamoto will probably sign, but the other three high schoolers (Matijevic, Day, Avila-Leeper) are more of question marks just by being drafted after the 20th round. Usually when you get into that territory, high school guys decide to go to college. They've obviously impressed scouts to some degree, but can really make a name for themselves in the college game.

Certainly interesting that this team only turned out three draft picks. That brings the total for the National Championship team up to 13.

After a year like this one, it would have made it easier for roster shakeups to happen had more guys been drafted in the late rounds. Now it's up to the coaching staff (which will likely look different this week) to tell guys to get out, and tell the guys who were drafted high to spend three years in Tucson.

Interesting off-season coming up.