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Cape Cod League All-Star Rosters: Nathan Bannister, Kevin Newman to represent Arizona in midsummer classic

Bannister and Newman made the All-Star teams in Cape Cod, while Bobby Dalbec is doing another home run derby.

Jason Bartel

The Cape Cod League All-Star rosters were announced this weekend, and there will be two Arizona Wildcats playing in the midsummer classic.

RHP Nathan Bannister and SS Kevin Newman each got the nod for their respective divisions. Bannister, a pitcher for the Orleans Firebirds, will play for the East Division, and Newman, a member of the Falmouth Commodores, will be a part of the West squad.

As I wrote last week, Bannister has been one of the best players not only on his team, but the entire league so far. He will not be the starting pitcher for the East, that'll be Jordan Hillyer from Kennesaw State, but Bannister should get some run depending on rest and all that.

Newman missed a big chunk of time due to Team USA trials, but since his return, he has been nothing short of spectacular. When the All-Star rosters were announced, Newman was leading the league with his .383 batting average. It would be something if the sophomore could go back-to-back batting titles in The Cape.

A third Arizona player will be a part of the All-Star festivities, as Bobby Dalbec will compete in another home run derby. You may remember Dalbec flew to Omaha to take some hacks at the College Baseball Home Run Derby, where he finished tied for 6th with just three dingers. He will be the only player from the state of Colorado taking part in the Cape's All-Star weekend.

It should also be noted that none of the ASU players that are up there made the Cape Cod All-Star rosters.

The game will be played on Sunday, July 27th at Doran Park. Not to be left out, Cody Ramer made the California Collegiate League All-Star Game that was played last week. Ramer started at second base, and went 0-for-2.

Hopefully Bannister and Newman face one-another next weekend. That could be fun.