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2016 MLB Draft results: Arizona 1B/OF Ryan Aguilar drafted by Brewers in 31st round

A senior surge and position change for this guy

Jason Bartel

In the 31st round of the MLB Draft, the Milwaukee Brewers selected Arizona Wildcats first baseman/outfielder Ryan Aguilar.

The Brewers announced Aguilar as a first baseman, which is kind of interesting since he has only been playing the position for five months. From the age of 12 all the way until January, Aguilar played the outfield. He has also been playing left field on a somewhat regular basis this season.

This year, with the position change and coaching staff change, Aguilar took off. He's hitting .308, and leads the team in home runs with seven. He's also one shy of the club's stolen base lead, swiping 12 bags so far.

Aguilar is also above average in the field, and if he does play first base, has more range than just about any first baseman that you'll find out there.

I think Aguilar is a great late-round pickup for the Brewers, and could move his way up through the ranks quickly because of his maturity and ability to pick things up quickly. It's also a testament to this coaching staff that he is the fourth senior drafted this year after none of them were selected in the 2015 Draft.

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