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Arizona baseball: Cody Ramer getting drafted by Angels a sweet moment

This is the best possible situation for Cody Ramer

Cody Ramer
Jason Bartel

If you’re hanging out around Hi Corbett when the Arizona Wildcats aren’t playing, or if you see Cody Ramer walking around campus, chances are he'll be wearing his Los Angeles Angels hat.

Well, on Saturday, his favorite team picked him in the 19th round of the MLB Draft.

"Damn, I couldn't even put into words what it was," Ramer said of his feelings when he found out. "It was sweet."

His two best friends on the team were the ones that broke the news to him.

"Banni (Nathan Bannister) came running into my room and told me," Ramer explained. "I had no idea. He just came running in and jumped on me and was like ‘Wait, what’. And they were like ‘Oh you’re going to the Angels with Gibby (Zach Gibbons)’. And my heart sunk a little bit."

About 20 minutes before the Angels picked Ramer, they had taken Gibbons in the 17th round, so the two have the chance to come up through the minors together now.

"I ran into Gibby’s room," Ramer said of that initial moment. "Congratulated him and then almost right when I laid back down in bed they came running into my room. Me and my roommate (Louis Boyd) didn’t know until Banni came running in."

"They just called me to congratulate me," Ramer added about his conversation with the Angels so far. "I figured if anything they’ll just hold off til after (the College World Series) because that’s my only concern right now is Omaha. So it’s probably for the better."

Not only did the Angels draft the two teammates two rounds apart, USC’s David Oppenheim, who won the Pac-12 Batting Title, was taken in between them. Also, Mississippi State catcher Jack Kruger was selected in the 20th round by the club.

"I thought it was kinda sweet, three Pac players," said Ramer. "They also took Mississippi State’s catcher in the 20th round and he was on our summer team as well so that was kind of neat."

"He messaged me on Instagram," Ramer added about his conversation with Kruger yesterday. "He said he was probably going to ask for a decent amount but if it all works out he’ll come and that would be pretty sweet."

Getting drafted by your favorite team is one thing, but getting to possibly develop in their organization with a pretty sizable group of your closest friends? That’s another.