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Arizona baseball: Casey Bowman is doing hilarious interviews at the College World Series

The Wildcats are basically in Omaha to make a movie, and sometimes play baseball

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Arizona vs Miami Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats dugout is full of star power on the screen, but we may have a new clubhouse leader.

Casey Bowman, reserve infielder and super emergency catcher, is turning in the best interviews of any reporter in Omaha this week.

First, he got to the bottom of the hot coffee celebration by Louis Boyd (pictured above) and his facial hair situation, and also dug into Sergio Brown’s fungo struggles.

During Sunday’s off day, Bowman kept it going by getting the inside scoop on the Bluff Brothers, who no longer actually live together on Bluff thanks to Zach Gibbons’ Taco Bell habits, and also one of the best pranks ever pulled by Nathan Bannister.

Before Monday's game, Arizona and Oklahoma State were in a rain delay, so of course, Bowman decided to interview the new star of the team: Spiderman.

He sounds suspiciously similar to JC Cloney if we're being honest.

Te gusta beisbol?

After a 45-second video spot on ESPN during Monday's game, Bowman turned his interviewing skills to Bear Down Revolution, the new band in town.

It's all about the followers and Kaylee Hartung.

Speaking of Kaylee Hartung, she has kind of become an unofficial member of the Wildcats. She chatted with Casey about shoes, other fashion, and homework.

She's not the only ESPN employee that has fallen victim to these videos.

Buster Olney dropped some Pedro Gomez knowledge, and for some reason, also talked about outfits.

Things got kind of creepy when Bowman was talking about stretching with coach Krumpos.

This may the crown jewel of them all though. Casey (and apparently Sergio Brown) went to the ballpark on Thursday (Arizona's off day) and did a little work with the fans, some famous, some not so famous. A couple of fans with ASU gear were discovered as well, which makes this so good.

JJ Matijevic feels amazing about reaching the CWS Final.

This may be a controversial take from Bowman in this video by the NCAA, but he says a hot dog is a sandwich.

I happen to agree with him, but that might make him rethink his position.

We’re going to keep on adding Bowman videos here throughout the CWS, so bookmark this page and check in for more.