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Arizona baseball: The story behind Sawyer Gieseke's Goo Goo Cats video

This video is so legit that even the band parodied took notice

Maybe he hasn't played as much as we thought he would this year, but Sawyer Gieseke has certainly made a name for himself off the field with his video producing skills.

His latest masterpiece, Goo Goo Cats (starring Tyler Crawford, Robby Medel and Kaleb Roper), earned so much traction that even the band responsible for the inspiration decided to promote it.

"That was pretty cool," Gieseke said about Goo Goo Dolls tweeting it. "That was our main thing starting out...we gotta get the Goo Goo Dolls to see it. That's number one."

As you can tell by the video, it took a while to get all the footage.

"We shot it on an off-day on Monday," said Gieseke. "And we did it all, just nine hours straight of shooting. We started at Old Main. Then we went by the pool on top of my house. And then we took a little break to eat, then came back and went to McKale and (Hi Corbett) in about nine hours."

"Then three or four days of editing to make sure we got everything right, and that's the finished product."

"I sat next to him on the plane on the trip to Hawaii and was watching him edit it," Kevin Ginkel added. "He was saying 'Hey Kevin, do you like this? What do you think of this and that?' I was trying to fall asleep but I couldn't because it was actually kind of entertaining. It's really cool with what he does."

But why Goo Goo Dolls and the song Slide?

"Robby actually called me, he was on a car ride back from Phoenix to get his haircut with Roper and Crawford," Gieseke explained. "And we sing that song all the time and we're just 90's alternative fans and we said 'Alright, let's do a kick-ass music video."

The three of those guys are well known to just bust out these air band moves in the dugout, so it's not like it was a reach for them to do it on camera.

"Oh they do that in the locker room every day," JC Cloney explained. "So it was nothing new, it was just funny how they did it in McKale and on Sawyer's backyard roof."

"I think I probably have enough footage of them doing it in the dugout alone to make a video," Gieseke added. "We do that in the dugout all the time. If you play a 90's alternative song everyone in the dugout will be going nuts."

This is definitely not Sawyer's only video made this year. He even did an in-game interview with Pac-12 Networks about it. But this is the one that he's received the most attention from.

"People have told me the Goo Goo Dolls one looks the most professional, which I like a lot," he said. "I like that one a lot."

It's gotten Gieseke a lot of random messages about possibly finding a career in film once baseball is over.

"It seems like everyone knows someone that knows someone from FOX Sports or CBS Sports or something and they say they show them my videos and they love it," Gieseke continued. "That's what's cool about film, because it's just show me what you've made. It doesn't matter your credentials or what you've done or anything. It's just show me what you've made, show me you can make deadlines and do it."

"He's incredibly gifted with his creativity and visual arts," Ginkel added about Sawyer's gift. "The guy definitely has a talent and can do whatever he wants."

Arizona had a viewing party of the video in Hawaii before it was released to the masses.

"He actually showed the whole team before he put it out on Twitter," Cloney explained. "Right after he was done editing it we all kind of gathered and saw it and I didn't think it was gonna be as good as it was. I thought it was going to be great, but that was completely different."

Unfortunately this weekend, Sawyer will be unable to take video in the dugout because of NCAA rules. But you know that something good has to be cooking with Arizona Baseball in Cajun Country for an extended weekend.