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Arizona vs. GCU baseball TV info, live updates, and open thread

Everything you need from Phoenix

Jason Bartel

On Tuesday night, the Arizona Wildcats make a sort of historic trip to Phoenix to take on the Grand Canyon Antelopes at Brazell Stadium.

I’ll be live from the game giving you updates and chatting baseball down in the comments so come on down to join me. This game is being broadcast on the CW6 locally and also on Watch ESPN.

Arizona (23-8)

  1. Mitchell Morimoto, LF
  2. Alfonso Rivas, RF
  3. Jared Oliva, CF
  4. JJ Matijevic, 1B
  5. Nick Quintana, DH
  6. Kyle Lewis, 3B
  7. Cameron Cannon, 2B
  8. Cesar Salazar, C
  9. Louis Boyd, SS

RHP Cody Deason

Grand Canyon (14-17)

  1. Austin Bull, 2B
  2. Tom Lerouge, CF
  3. Ian Evans, 1B
  4. Zach Malis, 3B
  5. Tyler Wyatt, LF
  6. Garrison Schwartz, RF
  7. Greg Saenz, DH
  8. Griffin Barnes, C
  9. Marc Mumper, SS

LHP Tyler Hansen