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Arizona baseball recruiting: Get to know 2020 commit Ethan Long

A potential right-handed flamethrower coming to Tucson in the coming years.

Ethan Long with Arizona coaches Jay Johnson and Sergio Brown

Ethan Long is currently wrapping up his freshman season at Mesquite High School in Gilbert, AZ. He was in a very fortunate situation entering high school as he had already committed to the Arizona Wildcats’ 2020 class back in November of 2015.

Long is also another example of the Arizona staff effectively recruiting the top in-state prospects.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ethan and his father, JP Long, recently when the Wildcats traveled to Phoenix to take on GCU. Later that week, I caught up with Ethan to gather some information for Wildcat fans.

UA Class: 2020

High School: Mesquite (Gilbert, AZ)

Position(s): Right field, third base, and RHP

Club Team(s): MVP Banditos (Texas and Florida), Team Elite (Georgia), and AZ T-Rex (Arizona)

Favorite MLB Baseball Player(s): Bryce Harper and Josh Donaldson because of their strong work ethic and dedication to the game.

Greatest baseball accomplishment(s): Committing to UA as an 8th grader and representing the USA in the 2016 Japan U-15 games (Team USA brought home the bronze medal).

Favorite HS course study: Math as he’s very strong with numbers and remembering formulas.

Desired college field of study: Currently undecided but he would like to explore personal training/physical therapy.

Role model(s): First and foremost is his father because of his strong work ethic. JP has taught Ethan the meaning of hard work and its application to every aspect of life.

Second is Bryce Harper who constantly exhibits hard work but also because of his intense competitive spirit.

Lastly, Noah Syndergaard as a pitcher who is also an intense competitor and his dedication to the game is a point of inspiration. Also, his hair. Ethan had a similar hair style until he had to cut it for his freshman season.

Favorite food(s): Steak and Chicken Wings

Favorite vacation destination: Florida for his love of the ocean and fishing.

This week, the Mesquite Wildcats will enter the Class 5A playoffs as a serious contender to win the State Championship. They finished the regular season with a 20-9 record.

Ethan has been the only freshman on the varsity squad all season. Although this is his first season playing at the high school level, he was able to post upperclassman statistics.

2017 Regular Season Stats

Games Played: 27, AVG: .250, OBP: .333, SLG: .345, 11 RBI, 12 Runs, and three stolen bases