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Scott Kingery has eventful MLB debut

A first career MLB hit and almost a legendary hit of a different kind

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

In the Philadelphia Phillies’ second game of the season, top prospect Scott Kingery made his MLB debut.

It almost ended very quickly.

In the second inning, Kingery fielded a throw at second base, and while avoiding the sliding runner, Kingery’s momentum took him right to the feet of umpire Jordan Baker.

Then Baker almost caved in Kingery’s face. On accident of course.

Luckily Baker has quick reflexes and did not complete the punch out of the runner and Kingery’s noggin. He waited til the former Arizona Wildcat got barely out of the line of fire.

An inning and a half later, Kingery would pick up his first Major League hit in his second at bat, ripping a single right back up the middle (of course) off of Braves pitcher Mike Foltynewicz.

Statcast clocked the ball at 108 MPH coming off the bat. That’s some serious heat coming right back up the middle.

It’s likely the first of many for Kingery (he hit another single up the middle in the 8th), but luckily he still got that chance after nearly getting decapitated by an umpire.