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Johnny Field pitches scoreless inning for Tampa Bay Rays

That’s right, pitches

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

We have a new player with the best career ERA in the history of Major League Baseball.

His name? Johnny Field.

With the Tampa Bay Rays trailing the Baltimore Orioles 17-1 in the bottom of the eighth, the rookie outfielder was trotted out to the mound.

He escaped unscathed despite having troubles finding the strikezone and a pitching motion that probably could have been called a balk each time for not stopping.

Field topped out at 82 MPH, and showcased some sinkers in the high-70s range to get his three flyouts. He was the only Rays pitcher to not give up a run in the game.

With a career ERA of 0.00, we hope he never pitches again and will forever have that mark on his Baseball Reference page.

Field is one of several members of the Arizona Wildcats’ 2012 National Championship team currently playing in MLB. He is slashing .268/.318/.488 with 2 HRs and has registered a WAR of 0.7 in just 14 games.