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Boston native. Clemson grad. He touched the ball.

Talking most vulnerable two-seed and if UK loses

The AZDS Roundtable discusses which two-seed will lose first, and if Kentucky will lose at all

2015 East Region Preview

Throw a dart and pray

Sean Miller and the lack of a Final Four visit

Final Four Dreaming at Arizona

Quack Attack

Arizona-Oregon for the PAC-12 hoops tourney title. These guys look familiar

Arizona glides into semifinals

Cal Bears Down

Roundtable: Who had as much fun as T.J. McConnell?

Safe to say TJM got just about everything out of his college experience

Predicting the P12 Tourney and others to watch

We give some predictions for the Pac-12 Tournament, and give our other conference tournaments to watch

Which Wed. team can make noise/most surprising?

We take a look at what team playing on Day One can make a run in the Pac-12 Tourney, and what the most surprising seed is

Cats Roll Past Trojans


Predictions for USC/UCLA week

We predict an Arizona sweep this weekend as the Wildcats host the L.A. schools