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Quick hits: Kevin Parrom's tough journey, Daniel Jenkins transfers

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The New York Daily News writes an in-depth feature story on Kevin Parrom's tough last year, and the Arizona Wildcats lose their No. 2 running back.

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  • We posted this on Facebook and Twitter, but it deserves another mention here. The New York Daily News takes a look back at Arizona Wildcats swingman Kevin Parrom's last season. Kevin Armstrong provides vivid details the shooting that left a .22 caliber bullet lodged in Parroms' leg, his loss of feeling in the leg and Parrom's mother keeping her illness under wraps. He also goes back to Parrom's recruitment to Xavier, then Arizona. I suggest you take the time the read the whole thing, but a few fascinating excerpts:
Jason Gonzalez, a 19-year-old former boyfriend of the girl, and a partner, rushed inside. The girl escaped; Parrom, who stands 6-foot-6, 220 pounds, struggled with Gonzalez, a full foot shorter and 70 pounds lighter. Unable to overwhelm Parrom, Gonzalez reached into his waistband for a silver handgun. "I’m looking at the guy and he has no soul," Kevin says, "no reason for living." Gonzalez allegedly pulled the trigger four times; one bullet grazed Parrom’s left hand, which was on the gun. Parrom stared into Gonzalez’s brown eyes and pleaded with him to stop, but Gonzalez remained stoic. Another bullet left the gun and penetrated Parrom’s skin in his right knee.
During the whirl of traveling back-and-forth to Arizona, Kevin had taken a red-eye flight for a day trip to identify Gonzalez. He did so, then flew back that night. Revenge was offered to Kevin then. Friends from the neighborhood negotiated their way past nurses and told Kevin they could take care of his assailant. Kevin declined.
Teammates call Kevin a T-Loc - short for Tucson local. He has not left the college town except for road games in the last year. He doesn't have a drivers' license, and refuses to ride a bike like the rest of the outdoorsy student body. Hill, a fellow senior, encourages him to hike Tomahawk Hill or Six Springs, but Parrom is still adjusting.
"Arizona is home," he says. "Man, I can't believe I just said that."
  • No. 2 running back Daniel Jenkins will transfer from Arizona, and it's not hard to see why. The junior is stuck behind All-American Ka'Deem Carey despite coming into the year being labeled as part of a two-back tandem for coach Rich Rodriguez. Anthony Gimino caught up with Jenkins, who graduated and is leaving on good terms. In a way, it's a shame he's leaving after taking 67 carries for 293 yards this year. Jenkins averaged 4.4 yards per carry and only got opportunities in blowouts or when Carey was injured. Unless Rodriguez was hoping to develop more two-back sets, however, it'd be hard to see Jenkins getting more touches next season.
  • Jason King's power rankings of the Pac-12, unsurprisingly, puts Arizona at No. 1. The Wildcats are following by Colorado and Oregon, then UCLA, Oregon State, Cal and Stanford.
  • Eamonn Brennan of ESPN previews the Diamond Head Classic and gives Arizona the predicted victory in the tournament. There's plenty of talent out in Honolulu, however. Though San Diego State is, on paper, the second-best team, Brennan predicts the Wildcats will actually match up with a quietly very good Ole Miss team in the final game. To get there, Arizona will have to go through East Tennessee State and likely Miami.