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The Mark Lyons point guard conundrum, McKale renovations and Dan Buckner's last game

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Links from around the interwebs regarding the Arizona Wildcats. We're talking Mark Lyons' point guard duties, Dan Buckner's last hurrah, and McKale's renovations.

Christian Petersen
  • Mark Lyons came to Arizona with the hope at proving he could play the point guard position. While his early struggles have produced more turnovers than assists and more questions to that goal, how concerning should his play be? Mark Titus of Grantland, who was a walkon for the Ohio State Buckeyes, believes Sean Miller should turn the point guard duties over to Nick Johnson. What Titus probably doesn't know is that Lyons left Xavier because he wanted to play the point and that means it's highly unlikely Miller would go against his word. However, it'd interesting to think about. Johnson showed flashes that he could run a team last year when Josiah Turner was out, and it could only help his NBA prospects. Still, Lyons is the man. And in a motion offense, don't think it's the main reason Arizona will succeed or fail.
  • McKale Center is expected to get approval from the Arizona Board of Regents on Thursday to go ahead with the hiring of an architect for an $80 million renovation, the Arizona Daily Star reports. With the football offices expected to move to the North End Zone from McKale when that project is finished, the other offices will be able to shift to the vacated space as the renovations touch the arena piece by piece.
  • Zack Rosenblatt of the Daily Wildcat discusses Dan Buckner's final game, his tears from the ASU loss and his road from immature Texas Longhorn to graduate at Arizona.

  • Ka'Deem Carey finds himself on another All-American list. No explanation needed, really.

  • The whole Colorado Buffaloes chasing after Butch Jones and reportedly getting him and then not getting him is a good example of what Greg Byrne wanted to avoid when he went after a new football coach last season.

  • Below, SB Nation's college football dudes talk about the bowl game selections. Of note, the Arizona Wildcats game against the Nevada Wolfpack, while seemingly insignificant, is probably one of the more entertaining matchups on the schedule.

  • Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube