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Arizona basketball: Solomon Hill buys lotion for Pacers teammates

Former Arizona Wildcats forward Solomon Hill is on lotion duty for the Indiana Pacers, and it's weird.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

As being a rookie goes, Solomon Hill must do weird things for his Indiana Pacers teammates. Usually it ends at grabbing donuts after practice or bringing the vets water. But it's getting weird in Indy. Hill told the Indy Star that veterans Roy Hibbert and George Hill make him hit up Macy's to purchase some hard-to-find lotion products for them.

An investigative report from the Star:

According to the rook, Hibbert and George Hill favor a specific brand of lotion called "Carol's Daughter," which advertises its products as an "indulgence collection... infused with the rare ingredients that bring out your natural beauty."

"G. Hill and Roy. They wanted, like, Carol's Daughter," said Hill, who had to visit Macy's to find the product. "I went over there and it was like dessert recipes on the names of the lotion. ‘Cookie Delight' and some stuff. I didn't know if they wanted that and I called them, they were like, ‘Yeah! Grab me those.'"

Because of his lotion duties, please keep Solomon Hill in your thoughts.

On the court, Hill struggled in his first preseason game with Indiana, going 1-for-5 from the field. He did have two steals, two rebounds and an assist in 21 minutes.