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Video: Mike Bibby thrown out of Shadow Mountain game

Former Arizona Wildcats hero Mike Bibby was thrown out of a Shadow Mountain High School game after arguing with officials.

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ABC 15 News in Phoenix captured this video of former Arizona Wildcats guard Mike Bibby getting the boot from his son's Shadow Mountain basketball game. He was reportedly ejected by the referees for arguing and escorted out by Scottsdale Police. It was apparently an important game as well. Shadow Mountain supposedly snapped a long losing streak to Sierra Linda.

It's sort of funny that the crowd enjoyed the boot so much. On the other had, I feel bad for Michael Bibby, the son of Mike.

Michael is a freshman point guard playing at his father's alma mater. The Arizona Republic wrote this fun story about the heckling unleashed on Junior, and it's a good bet that he's not going to hear fewer words about his famous father after this one.

Mike is apparently continued to support the school where he made a name for himself, which is pretty neat. The piece also mentions Bibby's wait to hear from an NBA club, which seems a bit silly at this point. Mike hardly saw spot minutes last season with the New York Knicks, and it appeared that he'd be at the end of his rope.

It looks like Bibby is still making a bit of noise.