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ASU's Sparky the Sun Devil redesign goes terribly

Arizona State and Disney re-designed the Sparky the Sun Devil mascot, and it went awfully, as fans compared the look to a bug, the Green Golbin and that dude from V from Vendetta.

"You're ******* kidding right?"
"You're ******* kidding right?"

Today, we actually feel a little bad from our pals over at House Of Sparky. Sparky the Sun Devil was redesigned in a collaboration with Disney, and even the reaction from ASU fans looked pretty terrible.

In fact, House of Sparky's article including photos of Sparky's new look had 81 percent of 160 voters saying they did not like the new look. Below, we've compiled a large chunk of reaction via Storify's quick Twitter search. Honestly, there were hardly any positive responses to filter out other than some "I hope I grow to like it" types of reactions.

Anyway, we figure Arizona Wildcats fans can enjoy today as well. Sun Devil nation is really feeling uncomfortable, mostly because the new Sparky looks pretty creepy. At the very least, the pointed chin deal looks a tad bit too close to the Duke Blue Devils mascot, so that's also not a good thing.