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2013 NCAA tournament: A Q&A at Belmont Byrd Cage

Head over to Belmont Byrd Cage to see our preview about the Arizona Wildcats' second-round matchup against the Bruins.


Rick Byrd has been the head coach of the Belmont Bruins since 1986. Simply put, the guy has stood the test of time.

He leads his team into the NCAA tournament out of the Ohio Valley Conference when on Thursday they'll take on the Arizona Wildcats in the second round of the NCAA tournament. We didn't know there was a Belmont blog out there, but turns out there's a pretty good one in

They reached out to us to do a Q&A. I finally got around to answering their questions after getting back from watching Arizona in Las Vegas. They have a pretty cool site, and in the Q&A it becomes clear that I have never been to Nashville, but I do know that Jack Daniel's is great, and I (like you, I bet) am believing the Bruins can pull off the upset.

In the next few days, we'll post some of their answers to our questions -- once I get around to playing catchup.