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2013 NCAA tournament picks: Everyone including President Obama picks Belmont Bruins upsetting Arizona Wildcats

President Obama and everyone else in America picked the Arizona Wildcats to lose to the Belmont Bruins in the 2013 NCAA tournament.


The Arizona Wildcats are a sixth seed in the NCAA tournament, but the Belmont Bruins might as well be the favorite. We are attempting to compile all the picks against the Wildcats, and Anthony Gimino got a good start with a number of the national media. From CBS Sports, to Yahoo! Sports, to USA Today, to ESPN, Belmont is the sexy Cinderella.

It's not all that surprising. Arizona could very well fall to a lesser team, and no Wildcat fan would educatedly deny that. But Sean Miller's squad has been playing decently well of late. Still, people are picking the No. 11 seed Bruins, including: