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Solomon Hill is the director of swag

Arizona Wildcats senior Solomon Hill is interning in the UA athletics media relations office. This is his title.


Arizona media relations director Tom Duddleston is on his way out, and Solomon Hill is apparently taking over the Arizona Athletics media office.

Bruce Pascoe's story on the seniors of the Arizona Wildcats basketball team notes that Hill is actually interning. Hill told Pascoe that he's thought about a coaching future or broadcasting future once his basketball career is over. That could be a while considering he's toward the top of the second round in DraftExpress' 2013 NBA mock draft.

Hill said he has one class on campus, plus some online and independent study work, while he is also interning in UA's media relations office. "Coaching or announcing, I'm really kind of open to everything," Hill said of his future. "So I guess I thought I should take steps in the right direction that will prepare me for the future."

Good stuff.