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Solomon Hill takes flak for no-show, Matt Scott visits Broncos

Quick hits for all the Arizona Wildcats news coming through the wire on Wednesday.

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  • Bruce Pascoe reports that Solomon Hill is taking heat from Ryan Blake, a respected NBA Draft scout and son of scouting legend Marty Blake, who died at the age of 86 this weekend (the New York Times obit can be found here). Blake questioned why Hill has opted not to play at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, a draft scouting combine formatted around game-play. Hill would've been the best prospect at the camp for college seniors. "He didn't do anything by pulling out," Blake said. "If I'm an NBA guy, I'm wondering `What is he hiding? Is he scared? Why doesn't he want to compete?' The guess from yours truly? Hill might have inside info that has him comfortable enough about his current placement. Pat Riley was hovering around the Pac-12 Tournament, and the Miami Heat don't have an early pick. Solo to team with LeBron? Anyone?
  • Mark Lyons is indeed playing in Portsmouth. The list of snubs (Kevin Parrom) and participants can be found at Draft Express. Prior to this season, the thought was that he'd be a potential second-round pick, but his lack of point-guard skill definitely hurts him. Oddly enough, a similar playing in Louisville Cardinals guard Russ Smith is actually entering the draft early. Like Lyons, Smith is a 6-foot tall shooting guard. Like Lyons, Smith makes poor decisions -- his 3-of-16 shooting performance in the title game reminded us of Lyons. At 175 pounds, tops, Smith isn't going to survive, in my opinion. But if he's a second-round pick, why not Lyons?
  • So I am a little young to remember vividly all of Michael Jordan's best stuff. But I am pretty sure he's still ahead of Kobe, LeBron ... and all of these guys coming out of high school. USA Today High School Sports asked a number of McDonald's All-Americans if they could beat MJ one-on-one. HALF OF THEM said they could. And this was in the context of playing Jordan IN HIS PRIME. Unfortunately, Arizona commit Rondae Jefferson falls into the "what were you thinking?" category.
  • Daniel Berk of the Arizona Daily Star writes that Davonte' Neal's recruitment after he decided to transfer from Notre Dame almost landed him at UCLA. Only a late trip to Arizona changed his mind. Sneaky stuff, RichRod.
  • Matt Scott is going everywhere. He is listed as visiting the Browns on Tuesday, the Bills on Tuesday and the Broncos on Friday. Read away about his stock in those three stories.
  • If you aren't tired of hearing about the Ed Rush news, the Pac-12 is hiring an independent firm to figure out all that drama. Rush is now up to doing interviews with ESPN to clear his name.
  • Oh, Jahii Carson is returning to ASU. Probably a good idea, but it'll definitely make the Duel more competitive in the next few seasons.