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Arizona basketball is 4th most-valued college hoops program

The Arizona Wildcats basketball program is estimated as the fourth-ranked team in the nation in terms of value.

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Wildcats basketball program is estimated to be the fourth most-valuable in college hoops, according to a study. Ryan Brewer, an assistant professor of finances at the Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, pegs UA with a value of $224.1 million, falling behind only the Louisville Cardinals ($291 million), Kansas Jayhawks ($259.3 million) and North Carolina Tar Heels ($228.6 million).

The statistics more than double Arizona's value when compared to Brewer's study from 2012. He had the Wildcats program No. 5 in value at $110.4 million, though it's not known whether Brewer's study this year had a readjusted estimation. In the new study, five teams are worth more than $200 million, while Louisville was the only school in that category last April.

Either way, the 2013 report indicates that Arizona is more valuable that other storied programs, including Indiana Kentucky and Duke. Here's the top-10 in value.

Rank School Value (million)
1 Louisville $291
2 Kansas $259.3
3 North Carolina $228.6
4 Arizona $224.1
5 Indiana $211
6 Kentucky $187
7 Ohio State $160
8 Duke $153.7
9 Wisconsin $129.4
10 Syracuse $120.4