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Arizona basketball's Aaron Gordon blogs the draft, a deeper look at Ka'Deem Carey

Quick hit links, random thoughts and news tidbits on the Arizona Wildcats.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

-- Aaron Gordon will be blogging a diary at SLAM Magazine over the next month. In his first post, the former Arizona Wildcats forward talks about the draft combine, his performances there and the interview portions of the event. Maybe the most interesting bits were his comments about seeing his name all over mock draft boards. It also could have been this:

When it was my turn to ask questions, I had a three basic questions: What would you do with me if you got me? What position would you play me at, 'cause I play multiple positions? How's the team looking?

-- Journalist and scout Matt Walden broke down Ka'Deem Carey's game and wrote about why the speed issue may not be as concerning to coaches as it is to scouts. Now that the Chicago Bears have drafted Carey, it would seem that he'll have a good shot to prove himself behind Matt Forte. Walden is especially complimentary of Carey's quick decision-making, and he takes a peek at several plays where Carey makes something out of nothing.

-- Bruce Pascoe at the Arizona Daily Star summarized Sean Miller's interview with Jim Rome.

-- ESPN's Ted Miller ranks Arizona an unimpressive ninth when it comes to the team's summer power rankings. There are indeed quite a few holes to fill on the depth chart, and Miller is quick to point out that the quarterback scrum won't even be the most concerning position battle.

-- Miller also considers the Wildcatskey three-game stretch this coming football season. Let's just say that beating ASU will be a priority for Rich Rodriguez in his third season.

-- Former Wildcat football player Brooks Reed is at a crossroads of sorts as a member of the Houston Texans. Is he an inside or outside linebacker?

-- Larry Scott and the Pac-12 have made dump truck loads of cash, and we're talking about those big dump trucks that  have tires that are two stories high.The San Jose Mercury News' Jon Wilner breaks down the specifics.

--, in the dead of the summer, has begun a simulation between the SEC and Pac-12 to find out which conference is truly the best. The two conferences went 1-2 in the ESPN conference power rankings this year and so the crew matched up reasonable teams within each conference. The Wildcats got Vanderbilt and in a series of simulations came out ahead 21-20. Thank goodness for that.