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Knicks coaching job: Steve Kerr gets Lute Olson's vote of confidence

Lute Olson told the New York Post that Steve Kerr has what it takes.

Kevork Djansezian

Phil Jackson's placement in the New York Knicks' front office has given former Arizona guard Steve Kerr an in to the coaching world. Kerr spent three years as the general manager of the Phoenix Suns before leaving to spend time with his family, but now the time -- he wants to lead an NBA team.

The current TNT broadcaster could join the Knicks by the end of this week, and former UA coach Lute Olson spilled the beans to the New York Post that Kerr's wife has already given her husband the go-ahead to accept the job.

It's gotten a bit more complicated, however.

Another job could open up with the Golden State Warriors, and though that roster is 10 times more appealing that what might be left in New York when Kerr begins his duties -- at best, it'll be Carmelo Anthony and some aging role players -- the thought is New York is a safe landing spot.

Kerr's relationship with Jackson will give him a chance to grow into his new role.

The news could come down Monday night at earliest -- Kerr is broadcaster the Thunder-Clippers game, which could be his last night on that job.

The New York Post is so ready to name Kerr the next coach that it's used the phrase "one-horse Knicks coaching derby" and has written a profile on Kerr, the most impactful bit of which touches on the former UA guard dealing with the death of his father. There's quite a bit of detail in the story that hits everything from Kerr's senior year game at ASU, the recurring torment from vile fans about his father's death, and his commencement speech at Arizona.

Olson of course chimed in on Kerr's resume that lacks coaching experience.

"I think he can handle New York, and being with Phil [Jackson] makes him much more secure in what he's doing," Olson said. "I've been asked by a lot of people if that's a good move for him, to go into coaching when he hasn't had any coaching experience, and I've said to everybody I think he would do a great job, having been around the game so long and being the most unbelievable player in terms of understanding the game and his leadership.

"I think they're going to get it turned around, and I think he'll get it turned around real quickly."