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Arizona basketball roundtable: On the Pac-12's first week, Brandon Ashley's bounce back, and Oregon's floor

We take a look at some of the more notable things from the first week of Pac-12 play.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to our first AZ Desert Swarm basketball roundtable of 2015! Let us know what your answers would have been down in the comments section!

1. What result from around the Pac-12 this week was most surprising to you?

Zach Tennen: Utah routing UCLA 71-39. Arizona and UCLA have had a longtime rivalry and both teams generally strive to be the best. Arizona has taken authority over UCLA the past few years. It will be interesting to see how strong this Utah team is. Keep in mind the Utes were brought into the Pac-12 not too long ago.

Bryan Doherty: Cal-Wazzu certainly stood out this week. Cal would seem to have the pieces in place to push Arizona and Utah and given the win over Washington a sweep seemed almost certain. So losing at home to a team who shouldn't be anyone near a challenger with nowhere near the talent you have was disappointing.

Lewis Krell: We should never be surprised to see a Lorenzo Romar coached team underachieve but to see UW lose to Stony Brook, Cal and Stanford and go from #13 to unranked in two weeks was quite the drop. It looked like Washington might be a team to fear in the Pac-12 but now I have no idea what to think about the Huskies.

2. What are your thoughts on the starting lineup of TJ, Pitts, RHJ, Ashley and Zeus that we saw against ASU?

ZT: I think the old lineup would have worked just as well in the victory over Arizona State. Stanley Johnson and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson are going to be productive no matter what. Gabe York and Elliott Pitts are both important outside shooters. Sean Miller should ride the lineup if he feels comfortable with it.

BD: Honestly my first thought was "What did Gabe York do to piss Sean Miller off?" Long-term I'd prefer to still see Stanley Johnson starting but in a midseason game that you should win easily (and did), experimenting with some lineup shuffling isn't the worst thing.

LK: I loved the change in the starting line up and it seemed to give the Cats a much needed shake-up. You certainly cant argue with the results as we absolutely ran ASU off the floor. In the end, it doesn't really matter who starts as the same 7 guys (the other two being York and Stanley) will all get heavy minutes no matter what, but it was nice to see a different look and to see two of our hardest working guys, Pitts and Rondae, get rewarded.

3. How impressed were you by Brandon Ashley's ability to rebound after a horrific effort against UNLV?

ZT: I was more pleased than impressed because I expect that from a player of his ability. There are several pro talents on this team and he has the tendency to blend in. However, he is the type of offensive player that needs to stand out at times.

BD: That's what you expect from a guy I think was the difference in a national title last year or not. For all the hype Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Stanley Johnson get for their NBA potential down the road I firmly think Ashley might be the most important piece on the entire team. Having him shake off a tough game was important.

4. How do you feel about Oregon's forest court?

ZT: Oregon is clearly content with its wacky decorations including its weekly-changing football uniforms. That floor will not phase Arizona, if at all, until we come to Eugene.

BD: It's Oregon. Between the unis, the mascot, the cheerleaders, everything the Ducks do they try and do it big. It's a little rough on the eyes but we all lose the day the Ducks stop being creative.

LK: It's an abomination and a blight on humanity. It's the worst court in America and it's not even close.

Editors note: I'd like to offer this up as the worst court in America: