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Arizona basketball: Robby Medel has high expectations for Gabe York

Nothing better than baseball player's hot takes on basketball

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

I recently spent an afternoon with the Arizona Wildcats baseball team as they prepare for the new Fall World Series that they're doing later this week.

A good chunk of that time was spent with sophomore pitcher Robby Medel, who had interesting takes on just about everything, but his basketball takes are what we're all here for really.

This was all said before basketball's season-opener against Pacific, just to give a little timeline for you.

"I'm going to that game too," Medel said after looking around at the 80 degree weather and wondering if it was actually supposed to be baseball season starting that night. "I'm really excited for that too. Basketball's going to be awesome. Let's talk about basketball."

Let's do it man.

"(Ryan) Anderson looks great. Anderson's going to put up 15 and 10 a night," Medel predicted. "Gabe York's going to lead the Pac-12 in three-pointers, don't quote me on that."

Which of course led me to ask about his opinion on Gabe's new look:

"Is that the new look that he's got going on? I thought it was the tattoos. He's got a lot of new tattoos. He's going to put up 12 a night and lead the Pac-12 in threes and drop a bunch of dimes. It's going to be awesome."

Then the hottest take of them all:

"We're going to be really good at basketball, like low key."

"It's going to be fun. I'm going to basketball tonight. Soccer plays tonight too. I'm not going to that because it costs ten bucks. But it's a lot of fun."

"We're the University of Arizona, it's a lot of fun here," Medel concluded. "Take your choice. What do you want to do tonight? You want to go watch baseball, then go watch soccer then go watch basketball? You can do that all in one day, and then tomorrow go out and watch some good football."

"I love it here."

You can hit up baseball before basketball on Thursday, as the 'Cats open the Fall World Series at 2:30 at Hi Corbett. Then there's another game Friday at 5:30, with the final game taking place Sunday at 1 PM.