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Pac-12 Basketball Power Rankings: Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

How does the conference looking heading in to Turkey Day?

Chris Coduto/Getty Images

With Thanksgiving upon us, it's time for us as a staff to reevaluate how the Pac-12 looks as a whole heading into some pretty big non-conference games across the league.

Seven of us voted. For simplicity's sake, we're using golf scoring (lower is better). So teams get one point for first place votes, two for second, etc.

Here's how everything shook out. Most of these votes were cast on Monday or Tuesday.

Ranking (Change in ()) Team Points
1 (0) Arizona Wildcats 7
2 (0) California Golden Bears 17
3 (+1) Oregon Ducks 19
4 (-1) Utah Utes 32
5 (+1) Oregon State Beavers 40
6 (+1) Colorado Buffaloes 48
7 (+3) Washington Huskies 49
8 (+3) USC Trojans 52
9 (-4) UCLA Bruins 53
10 (+2) Washington State Cougars 73
T-11 (-3) Stanford Cardinal 78
T-11 (-3) Arizona State Sun Devils 78

While Oregon is closing in on taking the second spot away from Cal, I think it's hilarious that before the year started, we had Stanford and ASU tied for 8th, and now we have them tied for last.

Washington was ranked anywhere from 4th to 10th on our ballots. UCLA was as high as 5th, and as low as 10th. Those were the ones with biggest discrepancies this week.

Are we overreacting to early results? Do you agree with what we've come up with as a staff? Let us know, and happy Feast Week!