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Arizona basketball roundtable: How much fun is T.J. McConnell having?

Seriously though, did you even think it was possible to have this much fun?

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that's been more consistent than the Arizona Wildcats winning games the last two seasons is how much fun T.J. McConnell has while doing it.

Over the past weekend, McConnell was honored during Senior Day, where he may have done one of the most iconic things in the history of McKale Center.

It's just one of the many moments the senior point guard has had during this season, which begs the question, who has had that much fun? Well, our writers think some guys of recent times have been similar to McConnell.

Gabe Encinas: Nick Johnson. He is undoubtedly one of Tucson's favorite players in Arizona Basketball history. A key contributor for three years and the go to guy for Sean Miller's best team at Arizona, Tucson was begging him to come back for his final year to win a championship.

Ryan Kelapire: Nick Johnson. Nick was the leader and face of last season's team, and also enjoyed incredible individual success as he was the Pac-12 Player of the Year, an All-American, Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year, and First-Team All-Pac-12.

Bryan Doherty: It's hard to quantify that or compare it to others. T.J. obviously is a very emotional player who wears his emotions on his sleeve and is a fan favorite for a reason. In the Sean Miller era alone I think guys like Nick Johnson and Derrick Williams were pretty personable players who had a lot of the same emotions T.J. does. Obviously he'll be missed greatly at year end like those two and others were.

David Potts: Derrick Williams, but even that wasn't the same. Derrick Williams had a lot of fun in individual games -- the Duke game, for example. But T.J. McConnell has been keeping up the same energy level and enthusiasm for the entire season.

Ben Leech: Really good question here. I would say Derrick Williams to me. He was always calm and had fun on the court because he always knew he was the best player on the court.

Zach Tennen: Kevin Parrom. I watched him often before I attended UA. He played with loads of energy and emotion and never backed down from a challenge.