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Arizona basketball: Sean Miller relieved Wildcats and Aztecs will not renew postseason rivalry

Let's talk about who Arizona isn't playing!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

When the NCAA Tournament brackets were released, everyone was making a big deal out of who the Arizona Wildcats may face down the line in the West Region.

But maybe what we should all be talking about is the fact that Arizona finally won't play the San Diego State Aztecs in a tournament setting, unless they both make it to the National Championship Game.

"Sometimes you wish or hope that you don't see a certain team," Sean Miller said Sunday after the bracket announcement. "One of the teams that I didn't want to see was San Diego State. Not only because they're a terrific team, but I know they're tired of playing us, we're tired of playing them. It seems like every game we play is just a hard-fought game, and it's just like 'Let us play a hard-fought game against somebody else'."

I think it's funny that coach Miller had that thought go through his mind, considering that there are some interesting storylines sitting right in front of him with Thad Matta at Ohio State, his former school Xavier, and of course last year's Elite Eight foe Wisconsin.

But hey, no San Diego State!