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Arizona basketball roundtable: Score predictions for the Wildcats' first two games

Our official predictions for the first weekend of the tournament.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After all that talking, the games are finally here!

Let's make some score predictions for the Arizona Wildcats this weekend.

Bryan Doherty: First off, let's address the fact Jason is seriously testing the basketball Gods by just throwing Arizona into the round of 32 as if they have a bye. Nobody in America thinks Texas Southern is winning that game but funny things happen in the NCAA tourney and if the Wildcats somehow go down, lets acknowledge Jason more or less is entirely responsible for that with this egregious faux pas of a question. As for the two scores: Arizona 85 Texas Southern 51- I saw a stat that on a per 100 possession basis Texas Southern's D is worse than Wazzu's. Arizona should handle them easily. Arizona 68 Ohio St 54- One man (hello Joe Young) isn't going to do it vs Arizona. D'Angelo Russell has been great for Ohio State but he doesn't have nearly enough help this year. Add in the Buckeyes don't have the size or athleticism inside and Arizona gets some payback for 2013.

David Potts: Against Texas Southern: 82-60. If Arizona plays Ohio State: 73-65. If it's VCU: 77-62.

Gabe Encinas: I'll take Arizona over Texas Southern by 22. 66-44. VCU is going to put up a fight, but I like Arizona by 11. 59-48.

Zach Tennen: Arizona over Texas Southern 79-58 in the round of 64. Arizona over Ohio State 71-64 in the round of 32.

Steven Rodriguez: Second round: U of A defeats Texas Southern 88-45. Third Round: U of A defeats Ohio St. 78-56

Lewis Krell: Slow starts haunt us again in the first game and we end up winning but not by the margin you would expect in a 15 vs. 2 game. I think we overcome a slow start, and an unexpectedly tense first half and win 81-64. We then go on to face Ohio State where Rondae smothers D'Angelo Russell in the second half and we once again pull away at the end in a game that is uncomfortably close at the beginning. Final score - 71-61.

Ryan Kelapire: The first game against Texas Southern won't be close, so I'll guess the final score will be 81-58. In the second round, I think it'll be a lower-scoring game, like 72-58.

Jason Bartel: Taking Arizona 91-54 against Texas Southern, then 75-61 over Ohio State Saturday.