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Arizona basketball roundtable: What to expect from the Wildcats in L.A.

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What's gonna go down this weekend?

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In part one of this week's roundtable, we discussed last week.

Now let's talk about this week. Xavier is up first, with either Wisconsin or North Carolina potentially waiting on Saturday for the Arizona Wildcats.

What do we expect to happen this weekend? And then let's talk Reggie Miller:

1. What are your expectations for Arizona this week?

David Potts: Advance to the Final Four. I think we'll beat Xavier convincingly. A match-up against Wisconsin or North Carolina will be much more difficult, but I still think we pull it out. Wisconsin struggled to beat Oregon (who we crushed three times) and North Carolina lost Kennedy Meeks. Given that we're healthy and playing as well as we have this season, I think this is our chance to make our first Final Four since 2001.

Gabe Encinas: Anything can happen, but I expect Arizona to maintain the lead throughout the entire game. Not a blow out win like the last two, but a comfortable 6-8 point lead throughout the game with a few Xavier runs here and there. Not sure Miller's past with Xavier will really come into play a whole lot, it's just a nice story line when you look at the coaching lineage.

Bryan Doherty: Final Four or bust. I believe Arizona is the best team in the West Region. I think Arizona blew the game vs Wisconsin last year despite being shorthanded. I think Arizona is as complete a basketball team as anyone and in LA with a crowd advantage should win the next two games to advance to the Final Four. Anything less will once again be a big disappointment. This is Arizona's region to lose.

Ben Leech: The expectation is to advance past Xavier for sure. If they play North Carolina the expectation is to win and go to the Final Four. If they play Wisconsin again the expectation is to win but a loss to them might not sting as bad. Overall, the expectation for me is for Arizona to advance to the Final Four.

Zach Tennen: I expect Arizona to approach each day at a time. Practice is essential to making sure the team is on the right track. One big slip up and the tournament could be over. Stick with what Arizona has been doing well - defending at a high level, penetrating and feeding the post. Never overlook any opponent whether it be Xavier or Wisconsin. Any team is capable of winning, especially at this point in the tournament.

Lewis Krell: Same as they have been all season long-- I expect us to make the Final Four. I expect us to take care of business against Xavier and win by double digits and then it doesn't matter if we play Wisconsin or North Carolina, I expect us to win and finally get Sean Miller to his first Final Four. I expect a very, very close and hard-fought Elite Eight game but this time I expect to come out on top. Then I expect to celebrate like a madman on Saturday night.

Steven Rodriquez: Arizona will go undefeated, again, this weekend. While Xavier is a good team, they should not pose any serious concerns for the Wildcats; as long as Arizona does not underestimate Xavier. In their predicted Elite Eight matchup, Arizona's 'grudge match' against Wisconsin is becoming less intimidating each game. With the Badgers inability to dominate significantly less-talented opponents, Arizona must love their chance of victory.

Ryan Kelapire: That's a tough one. I'm very confident that they'll beat Xavier, but the game against Wisconsin is basically a toss up for me. I do think that Arizona will get revenge this time, and they'll finally get to Sean Miller's first Final Four.

2. How does it make you feel that Reggie Miller is doing the Arizona games again this week?

DP: Disappointed. He's not as bad as Jon Barry, but Reggie Miller is one of the worst basketball commentators around. Most of the Turner sports commentators are NBA guys, but other commentators (notably Chris Webber) are smarter and prepare more than Reggie. I wish ESPN and the Pac-12 would loan Bill Walton to Turner for the tournament.

GE: I don't have a personal liking or disliking of Reggie Miller. He called Stanley Johnson the second coming of LeBron James so he's good in my books.

BD: I'm vastly in the minority I imagine but outside of Walton, who is quite literally impossible to not notice, I don't pay a ton of attention to the announcers during games. I know Reggie isn't the most popular guy to do games but when Arizona is playing I'm paying attention to all the different things happening on the court that I don't generally think too much about what is being said by the commentators. All I know is Arizona won both games this past week so I can deal with anyone if that's the case.

BL: Honestly, it doesn't bother me at all. I get that he is a UCLA alum and that rivalry is still there with Arizona. Rivalry aside, he supports the Pac-12 and is both entertaining as well as insightful to listen to during a broadcast.

ZT: I'm perfectly fine with Reggie Miller broadcasting Arizona's games again. He is one of the more knowledgable and well-spoken analysts in both pro and college basketball. We could not ask for much more consistency out of the announcers.

SR: I have no problem with Reggie doing the games again this week, as long as we keep winning. He may be Arizona's lucky charm.

RK: It just makes me disappointed that I'll have to mute the TV again. Can we get Bill Walton back?