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2015 NBA Draft: A look at the latest draft projections for Arizona's NBA prospects

Did T.J.'s impressive combine give him a shot at being drafted?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft Combine came and went this week, and often times the workouts, measurements, and 5-on-5 games can affect the draft stock of certain prospects. So let's check out the latest projections for the former Arizona Wildcats.

Stanley Johnson: - 9th overall - 10th overall - 8th overall - 7th overall (three mock drafts) - 8th overall, 6th overall, and 5th overall - 9th overall

Stanley's perceived draft stock was as high as 4th or 5th overall during the regular season, but has dropped and settled around the 7-10 range recently (although two writers from CBS are apparently pretty high on him).

This is a similar place Aaron Gordon was in last year, but as we know, he surprisingly ended up being taken 4th overall by the Orlando Magic.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson: - 20th overall - 25th overall - 25th overall - 20th overall (three mock drafts) - 17th overall, 25th overall, 22nd overall - 19th overall

Rondae's "stock" was in the mid-to-early 20's during the season, but has seemed to jump a little bit recently. My guess is it has to do with his impressive measurements at the combine.

Brandon Ashley: - undrafted - undrafted - 40th overall (three mock drafts) - 48th overall, 42nd overall, undrafted

These projections are interesting to me. Experts either have Ashley near the top of the second round, or completely undrafted altogether. He did have a 14 point, 7 rebound game during the combine, but it's unclear if that made an impact on his draft stock.

It will definitely be an interesting draft night for B-Ash.

T.J. McConnell:

I can't find one two-round mock draft that has McConnell being selected despite him shining at the combine. As much as Arizona fans love T.J., it's not that surprising. He likely won't be selected. His jump shot needs work, and he's limited athletically. Still, his leadership, passing ability, and defensive prowess will be appealing to some GM or head coach somewhere.

As such, the likely path he'll have to take to make an NBA roster is to latch onto a Summer League team (he will), play well, and hopefully receive a training camp invite. He'd then obviously have to perform at a high level during training camp. I think he'll at least get a training camp invite. I mean, even Aaron Craft, a poor man's version of McConnell, got one.

It'll certainly be an uphill battle for him to make an NBA roster, but I certainly wouldn't bet against him.