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2015 NBA Draft: Stanley Johnson drafted 8th by the Detroit Pistons

Stanley Johnson is headed to Detroit.

Elsa/Getty Images

As expected, Stanley Johnson became the first Arizona player drafted in the 2015 NBA draft, going eighth to the Detroit Pistons. Below, we look at what Stanley brings to the table and how he fits with Detroit.

What does Stanley bring to the table?

As we discussed in our draft profile, Stanley Johnson is a bull of a small forward. He's 240 pounds, dwarfing just about every other small forward prospect. He can shoot at a decent clip, making 37% of his three-pointers in college. And he is a very good (and versatile) defender who can guard twos, threes, and small-ball fours. As Grantland's Danny Chau talked about earlier today, Stanley fits nicely into the next generation of NBA basketball.

How does he fit in with Detroit?

Very, very well. Detroit desperately needs a three. Last year, Caron Butler, Tayshaun Prince, Kyle Singler, and Anthony Tolliver all started at various points for Detroit. That's not great! Stanley fills that immediate need and supplements a very talented young core that includes Andre Drummond, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Reggie Jackson.

In his post-draft interview, Stanley said he wanted to be the rookie of the year. Given the opportunity, he'll have to play immediately in Detroit, and he could very well make that dream a reality.