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Brandon Ashley works out with the Phoenix Suns

Ashley takes a turn with the in-state team

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After deciding to forgo his senior season, Brandon Ashley is fighting an uphill battle to hear his name called in the 2015 NBA Draft. Today, he was working out up the road with the Phoenix Suns.

Brandon Ashley is projected to go undrafted, although currently has him going 51st to the Orlando Magic, alongside former Wildcats, Aaron Gordon and Channing Frye.

Speaking of Channing Frye, you might say he's somewhat similar to what Brandon Ashley can be in this league, just with less consistency shooting outside and a stronger presence in the post, both on offense and defense.

The Phoenix Suns have the 13th pick in the draft, with many believing Sam Dekker might be the move, who also joined Ashley today. The next pick for Phoenix doesn't come until 44th, which could be a complete reach for Ashley. Although, the Phoenix Suns might like the local talent and see flashes of Frye, who was a pivotal role player for the team just two years ago.

Of course, there are probably a handful of teams that are hoping that he does go undrafted, adding a very valuable piece to the roster. Like any draft, it only takes one team to like someone and have the confidence in a player to develop.