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Arizona basketball: Wildcats fans shouldn't be concerned about Sean Miller's behavior

These are Division I sports, people. It's going to happen.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Sean Miller pulled starting center Kaleb Tarczewski for, to my best analysis, not boxing out on a corner three attempt, Arizona Wildcats fans have been in an uproar over Miller's apparent lack of class.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, this below picture pretty much sums it up.

More recently, we were given the live version (with sound) to the exchange.

As bad as it might look, I guarantee this type of exchange happens once a week in the Richard Jefferson Gym and/or the locker room.  We're just not used to seeing it on live TV. I will admit I was surprised to see the bickering happening on my screen, but in an intense game with a 49-game home winning streak on the line, emotions are bound to erupt.

Sean Miller has said in the past that "nastiness is required." Now people know he wasn't just talking about his players.

This is a program that brings in $28M overall and a whopping $18M in profit which means the expectations can sometimes get the better of someone, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

Growing up playing sports, I've always lived by the mantra, 'If a coach doesn't care, he/she doesn't get on you to be better.' If Miller didn't care about Kaleb's play, he would have benched him and let him sit there the rest of the night.

But that didn't happen.

While I wouldn't want an exchange like this happening each game, once in a while is okay. Maybe it is even the spark Tarczewski/Miller/the team needs to snap out of this two game funk and finish the rest of the Pac-12 regular season strong.

Regardless, Arizona fans need to step back and understand this is one of the most competitive sporting environments in the country and it's bound to happen.

Would you rather have this be a losing program with a coach who doesn't really care?

You can't have it both ways.