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Arizona basketball: Gabe York savors Wildcats' victory in Tempe

It must've felt good after losing his last two trips to Tempe

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As the seconds ticked down on the Arizona Wildcatsvictory over the Arizona State Sun Devils on Sunday, Gabe York had no problem making the most of the moment, coming over towards the Arizona bench, and egging on the fans in the area.

"This is a place that we've lost two years in a row, and that was always in the back of my mind," York said after the game. "It was definitely an exciting win for us."

"It was amazing," the senior guard said about the end of the game and the moment pictured above. "All the mess they talk and you hear throughout the game, especially the last three years. It was definitely fulfilling to clap my hands and raise my hands up and just let them know that it was a hard-fought win and that we did it."

Heading into the game, York had downplayed the importance of the ASU game, but obviously that was sort of a lie.

"I don't want to make it any bigger or any smaller than what it really is," York said on Friday. "We know it's a rivalry game. We know we lost the last few years. We want to go in there, attack our gameplan, and do everything that Coach Miller has taught us to do, at least these last couple of weeks, and not change anything else that we've done the rest of this year."

He also downplayed the curtain of distraction, but after starting the second half 5-of-9 from the line, the Wildcats would wind up making 20-of-27 shots from the charity stripe going that direction.

"I don't really see it when I'm on the court," York said. "The only time I ever see it is when I'm out of the game and I look to my left, and I'll see it right there. They're ridiculous with what they do. Some of it is funny I guess, but when you're in the game, you're not really distracted by it."

York personally was 8-for-10 from the line, both of the misses coming late in the game.

"Coach gave me the opportunity to shoot the two technicals, and I missed two free throws late in the game, so I gotta get in the gym and shoot a lot of free throws so it doesn't happen again."

Even though he was disappointed with those two free throws, winning his final game in Tempe, leading the team in points (22) and assists (6), and pulling down five rebounds, I would say Gabe York made the most out of his final appearance in Wells Fargo Arena.