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Arizona at ASU: Reliving the Wildcats' win through the eyes of Twitter

Well done, Twitter community.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats snapped the two-game skid in Tempe, taking down the Arizona State Sun Devils by a final score of 94-82 . Arizona is now 13-1 on the season, and start conference play 1-0. We'll take you through the ups and downs of Sunday's game, featuring the best tweets found on the Internet.

Kevin Parrom always loves to chime in before the big game

I do recall McKale selling out last season when the game was over break

ASU had some big time recruits in the house, whoops

My high school even played a few games at Wells Fargo back in the day

The rivalry is real

Maybe that's why we won

ASU dominated the first half of the first half with three balls

But then this happened

Before things got ugly..

Heading into halftime

We saw some great Bobby Hurley memes during the break

Also relevant

Gabe York took a mean elbow to the face

And there was no foul on the play


Big Z got T'd up for yelling at a ref

Things just got real

This explains it

Actual lol

Gabe York did some things

Gabe York from Tucson

You could say things were getting out of hand

Good job, good effort

Sad Bobby Hurley is sad

Bye Bobby Hurley

Bobby Hurley getting tossed

Not your greatest idea, Mike

Pretty much

Rose Bowl guy made an appearance

Welcome to the rivalry, Bob

That's all folks
Bobby Hurley all alone :/