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Pac-12 Basketball Power Rankings: All jumbled up in the middle

What a weird start to the Pac-12 season

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After a lot of strange things happened in the first weekend of Pac-12 play, it's no surprise that our first in-season power rankings are kind of a mess.

We had nine voters this week, and the results were all over the place. Here's how the totals played out, with first-place votes earning one point, 2nd-place getting two points and so on:

Ranking (change from last week) Team (conference record) Points
1 (0) Arizona Wildcats (1-0) 9
2 (+2) California Golden Bears (2-0) 20
3 (+6) Oregon State Beavers (1-0) 48
4 (+2) Colorado Buffaloes (1-1) 55
5 (-3) Utah Utes (0-2) 56
T-6 (+1) USC Trojans (1-1) 57
T-6 (+4) Washington Huskies (2-0) 57
8 (-5) Oregon Ducks (0-1) 60
9 (-1) Arizona State Sun Devils (0-1) 69
10 (-5) UCLA Bruins (0-2) 75
11 (+1) Stanford Cardinal (1-1) 97
12 (-1) Washington State Cougars (1-1) 99

I think it's important to note the point totals, and just how bunched up the middle group of teams are. After one week of play where a bunch of upsets happened, it's very difficult to get a read on the conference so far.

Arizona was our unanimous No. 1 team, and Cal was one voter shy of being the unanimous No. 2 team. Outside of that, the voting was all over the place, resulting in what we have above.

This week, the Northern California schools take on the Oregons, the Arizonas go to Southern California, Colorado hosts Utah, and WSU hosts UW. Maybe there will be a couple of teams that step up and prove themselves after a bad week last week, or maybe we'll get some crazy 0-3 or worse teams (looking at you Utah).

Let us know what you would change about these rankings!