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Bobby Hurley goes on Twitter blocking rampage

This is fantastic work

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since his face nearly exploded on Sunday, Bobby Hurley has been the topic of conversation among many Arizona Wildcats fans.

And then he tweeted something hilarious:

I retweeted it, but it got the ball rolling on something that has become an epidemic on Twitter, and that is Hurley blocking Arizona fans.

So much so that it has gotten completely out of control, and it's fairly simple to get yourself blocked by the ASU coach:

Some people have even been blocked by multiple ASU head coaches:

Since we're equal opportunity Twitter block detectives here, this is how an ASU fan got blocked by Sean Miller:

To top this all off, Twitter is the biggest troll of all, as this is what pops up as suggested follows when you go to Bobby Hurley's page:

Well done Twitter, and well done whoever is running Bobby Hurley's account. I still maintain it's former House of Sparky editor and current ASU hockey SID Justin Emerson: