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Arizona basketball: Week 4 of college basketball told through Home Alone GIFs

We’ve seemingly had a new No. 1 team each week.

NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I know, I know, I missed last week. I’ll chalk it up to too much turkey and pie and having no idea what day it was throughout the week. But here we are, back at it, and ready to recap the last week in college basketball.

UCLA takes down top-ranked Kentucky in Rupp Arena (UCLA 97 - Kentucky 92)

With the win, UCLA is now the second-ranked team in the country and one of the most potent offensive teams in college basketball.

Tar Heels fall to Indiana in ACC/B1G Challenge (Indiana 76 - North Carolina 67)

Hoosiers have two of the best wins of the season .... and also the worst loss. Might as well just laugh at this point.

Duke shuts down Florida (84 - 74)

The Blue Devils have been missing key pieces for the past few weeks, but seem to be healthy. Coach K is now locked and loaded. Watch out ACC.

Virginia escapes Ohio State (63 - 61) but then falls to West Virginia (66 - 57)

Things were going well for the Cavs and then they weren’t. So goes college basketball, right?

Arizona suffers loss to Zags (Gonzaga 69 - Arizona 62)

But with how the team (if you can call seven scholarship players a team) is situated, it’s not a big surprise to see the Cats have trouble against a quality opponent.

Baylor is STILL undefeated. Don’t sleep on them! (Baylor 76 - Xavier 61)

They had the epic comeback against Louisville and now boast four top-25 wins.

Creighton is ranked tenth and hasn’t lost. Did you know that? Probably not.

We’re all looking forward to New Year’s Eve when they take on current No. 1 Villanova. But until then, go celebrate Blue Jay fans.

Louisville took down Purdue (71 - 64) but the best moment of their week was Rick Pitino complimenting Grand Canyon University on their program (Louisville 79 - GCU 70)

I didn't know Pitino had it in him.

Butler just keeps winning. There has to be something in that Indianapolis water.

It’s helping Arizona’s SOS , but that’s the only positive.

And for all of you.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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