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Arizona basketball: Sean Miller's name attached to Phoenix Suns' opening

Could Miller make the jump to the pro ranks?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

After the Phoenix Suns fired head coach Jeff Hornacek early Monday morning, the speculation of who will replace him had to begin right away.

And one of the names that has come up is Arizona Wildcats head coach Sean Miller.

Sporting News' Sean Deveney gave a group of potential candidates, and Miller is the 4th name that he brings up. The reasoning? Well....

miller to suns

Miller would be a good candidate for an NBA job for several reasons, one of which being the plethora of international experience he has over the past few summers.

There are pros and cons to this decision for Miller of course. On the pro side, it's leaving for the professional ranks at a time in his career when the move makes the most sense. He also wouldn't have to uproot his family to a totally different part of the country. Just a quick jaunt up I-10.

In the cons, Miller would be leaving behind a 2016-17 team that will have National Championship aspirations, with the Final Four taking place in Glendale next year. He'd also have to deal with NBA refs, and likely laziness on the defensive end:

Adding to the intrigue of the situation is that Suns owner Robert Sarver is an Arizona and Sabino High School alum, and has made numerous financial donations to the university over the years.

It'll certainly be a situation to keep an eye on as the college basketball offseason approaches.