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Arizona basketball: Elliott Pitts steps away from the Wildcats team

One of the shoes to drop in the Elliott Pitts saga

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Elliott Pitts has not played a game for the Arizona Wildcats since early December, and he will not play for the team again this season.

Wednesday night's game against the Arizona State Sun Devils was the first time that Pitts wasn't at least on the bench with the team, as he has decided to step away from the team for the rest of the year as his ongoing personal issues continue to keep him off the floor.

"Elliott has decided to step away from our team for personal reasons," Sean Miller said after Wednesday's game. "He'll step away from our team for the remainder of the year. I can't elaborate beyond that."

The decision was made by Pitts and not the coaching staff.

"Him and I have had a number of talks over the last couple of weeks, and I think we both felt that it would be in his best interest and focus on the task at hand academically," Miller continued. "And obviously remain here at the University of Arizona and finish his academic work."

The exact details of the situation remain unknown for the moment.