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Arizona basketball: Wildcats wearing new Nike Hyper Elite Disruption alternate uniform

The gradient has made its way to the basketball program


Almost every year, the Arizona Wildcats wear some sort of new alternate jersey during the season. Last season it was the Nike Hyper Elite extra-white uniforms, before that it was the grey and red "Zona" uniforms.

This time around, it's these 'Hyper Elite Disruption' uniforms:

Here's another look at them:

With the return of gradient, it's almost like football season is back.

The Wildcats will wear them in Wednesday's game against Colorado, and perhaps a few more times after that. In the past, the mid-season alternate uniforms were a one-game deal, but apparently these will be in the rotation for the rest of the season.

My thoughts are -- hey, it could be worse! The normal uniforms are beautiful the way they are, but these aren't too bad. They're definitely more bearable than the grey "Zona" uniforms, that's for sure. And most importantly, potential recruits will probably like them.

Because we certainly know that Ryan Anderson loves them, or at least the shorts.

"I saw 'em, and the shorts specifically I feel like I might just never take them off they look so comfortable," Anderson said on Monday. "I've never seen shorts that look like the ones we're about to wear, so I'm really, really excited about that."

But it's not all out about the fashion. The new gear has to work properly too.

"We've been trying out the new shoes. That's always a big key any time you're wearing new stuff," Anderson continued. "The shoes have got to be something you're comfortable in and you feel your ankle's good. So we've been working the different shoes seeing which ones we like and it's definitely exciting."

"That's part of why we come to Arizona. Not only to play on the biggest of stages. Not only to play in front of the biggest of crowds. But to also get the best of stuff as well, so we get the best Nike stuff in the country."

But what are your thoughts on the new look?