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Arizona basketball: Predictions for the Colorado and Utah games

How do you think this week will play out?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We've already established that this weekend's trip for the Arizona Wildcats is the toughest in the Pac-12 (at least this year). So how will the team fare? We give our predictions. Feel free to leave yours below:

Alec Sills-Trausch: I've always said the first game is the hardest, so it's nice that the latter is against the better squad. However, we must not overlook the Buffs. At 19-9 (8-7), they are tied for 5th in the Pac-12, but with how this season is going, the home team has a surprising edge. They boast one of the better players in the league in Josh Scott, who is averaging 16 points and nine rebounds a game, but the team is just seventh in scoring and defense. Arizona on the other hand is three and two respectively. I give U of A a 76-62 victory. For Utah, they also have one of the conference's top players in seven footer Jakob Poeltl. Averaging 17 points and 9 rebounds on the season including 20+ points in seven of his last nine, he's the dominant force for the Utes. I expect him to get his usual 20 and 10 but I believe the rest of the Cats can contain the rest of Utah team. Arizona 70, Utah 65. If you'll be in Utah for the game, I'll be there (not wearing red...Utah is having a red out) so come hit me up and say hi!

Brandon Hill: A split would be a fair result. A sweep would be a major momentum grab leading into the Pac-12 Tourney. I feel good about keeping the mo going with a sweep but gun to my head I think I go semi-comfy win at Buffs, close loss at Utes, where Utah has lost just once this year.

Matt Sheeley: Coming off of the most impressive performance of the season, I'm very interested to see how Arizona follows that up. These aren't easy games, by any means. But they are absolutely winnable. The key against Colorado will be rebounding. The Buffs are the only team in the conference that can rebound with Arizona, as they are the top teams in rebound rate in the Pac-12. Arizona is actually 1st in the nation, collecting 58.1% of all rebounds. Colorado is 11th in the country with 55.8%. If Arizona can win the rebounding battle, which they have consistently done this season, it should be a Wildcat victory. As for Utah, this is actually the best team Arizona has had to play on the road this season. Like the Wildcats, Utah appears to be peaking at the right time. But since joining the Pac-12, Utah is 0-9 against Arizona. At this point, it could be a mental edge for the Wildcats. I think it'll be extremely close but I see Arizona beating Utah and getting a massive road sweep.

David Potts: I'm betting on a split. Both Colorado and Utah are potential tournament teams, and I expect both games will be close down the stretch. If I had to bet, I think Arizona will beat Colorado, but lose to Utah and keep the "only lose by single digits" streak alive.

Gabe Encinas: I can't imagine this team winning both games. This is going to be a split, with Arizona beating Colorado by about 12, which will be much closer than it actually looks. Then I'll say Arizona loses by a possession, possibly ending as a 4 or 5 point game with some late game fouling.

Ryan Kelapire: The pessimist in me says that Arizona drops both, but I think the most likely scenario is a split, so that will be my "official" prediction. And if you're expecting the Wildcats to sweep this series, you're in for a rude awakening.

Jason Bartel. I think they win the Colorado game by 9-12 points, but then follow that up with a loss to Utah by 1-4. I'm under the impression Utah actually claims the top seed in the Pac-12 Tournament by winning out with their last three games all being played at home.