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NCAA Tournament Predictions: Who will come out of the South Region?

Is this Kansas' region to lose?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats find themselves as the 6-seed in the South Region in this year's NCAA Tournament, and as we found out, the region is absolutely loaded.

In the link above, Matt Sheeley has Miami. So who does the rest of the staff have reaching the Final Four out of Arizona's region?

Let's find out:

James Schlittenhart: Kansas. Too much chalk? Probably. But they're the best team up and down in this bracket. Villanova will not convince me they can go deep until they actually do; I think there's a legitimate chance that either Arizona/Wichita State/Miami takes them out in the Sweet 16.

Ryan Kelapire: For whatever reason I picked Maryland to advance to the Final Four, so that's my answer. That team has a dynamic starting five that can compete with anyone. If I had to pick someone other than Maryland, yeah, I'd have to say KU. But this NCAA Tournament is so wide open that it wouldn't shock me if a lower seed made it to the Final Four or Elite Eight.

Alec Sills-Trausch: I have Kansas coming out in my most recent bracket. Other that, I couldn't tell you. I have Nova losing this weekend to Iowa so either them, AZ, or Miami will have the best shot of taking down the Jayhawks who I feel skate through the top half of the bracket. But in the end, who really knows what is going to happen saying the 1-seeds have the most losses ever.

Brandon Hill: I have to go Kansas. 8th in AdjO, 5th in AdjD, no one star to key on, balanced (four players averaging double digit scoring) and experienced (among top eight players in minutes/game, only two sophomores and no freshmen). Interestingly, their four losses are by an average of a little over 8 points so when they lose it's not exactly in last-second fashion (though each loss was to a ranked opponent).

David Potts: Kansas. I don't trust Villanova, who hasn't made it past the first weekend since 2009. I don't trust California or Maryland because of their coaching. And I think Arizona and Wichita State both have too difficult a path to advance. That leaves Kansas and Miami, and while Miami has a chance, I'll go chalk and pick Kansas.

James Hartman: Kansas, because they appear to be the most thoroughly solid team in the bracket, but I think Miami has the potential to upset them in the Elite 8. If Miami secures their chemistry together, the Hurricanes can be flat-out dangerous. They have great size at every position, they're efficient, they're experienced, and they are very well-coached. Jim Larranaga is definitely capable of whipping up some unexpected magic. Ten years ago, he took lowly George Mason to the Final Four, beating teams like Michigan State, North Carolina, and UConn. Maybe he can conjure up some more magic with this stellar Miami team.

Gabe Encinas: It's hard not to pick Kansas. I'm a huge fan of Maryland this season and I think that's their biggest challenge. The trio of Arizona, Wichita State and Vanderbilt can't be fun to think about if Miami survives against Buffalo. And I'm not one to put any stock in a Big East team such as Xavier. Iowa is good but has also stumbled mightily down the gate, which gives MIami a pretty clear path to the Elite 8. Or Arizona, if they can get things right and make a nice little run. But I can't imagine Arizona getting past the round of 32, if they can even get past the play-in winner.

Jason Bartel: I'm going with Miami. A few of the points have been discussed above (coaching, size, talent, very Oregon-like), and I'm not one to generally bet against any of those things. Kansas is so hot and cold in the tournament that I would actually make UConn my second-favorite to get out of the region. I don't know why or how, but the Huskies tend to win games this time of year.