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Arizona basketball: Sean Miller will "not be going home" to become Pittsburgh's head coach, per reports

Don't panic, Wildcat fans -- Sean Miller isn't going anywhere.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Jamie Dixon has left his position as the head coach of the Pittsburgh Panthers to become the TCU Horned Frogs' next head coach, it was officially announced on Monday.

On the surface, it seemed like a bit of a surprise given that TCU perennially finishes near the bottom of the Big 12 Conference, and Dixon has had success at Pitt, including two Sweet Sixteen appearances, an Elite Eight appearance, two Big East championships, and 12 NCAA Tournament appearances since he took over in 2003. But TCU is Dixon's alma mater, making the move understandable from his perspective.

Dixon's departure now means that Pittsburgh has to scramble to find its next head coach, and it just so happens that one prominent college basketball coaching figure is an alum of the school -- Arizona Wildcats' head coach Sean Miller.

Unsurprisingly it has led to Miller being a top candidate for the Pittsburgh job. But would Miller leave his current job for his alma mater as Dixon did? According to ESPN's Jeff Goodman and Scout's Jason Scheer, who are well-connected to the Arizona basketball program, the answer is no.

Very few college basketball programs -- taking into account facilities, location, tradition, fans, etc. --  would be considered an upgrade over Arizona, and it's safe to say that Pittsburgh, while a respectable program in its own right, is not one of them.

Perhaps the fact that Pitt is Miller's alma mater could making it an appealing move regardless of the discrepancy between the programs, but, as Goodman put it, Sean Miller is "not going home" to coach Pittsburgh.

As Miller said after he turned down Maryland in 2011, he's in Tucson "for the long-haul."