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Arizona basketball: Predictions for the final regular season weekend

How will this weekend play out?

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Last weekend, we gave our predictions and asked for yours, and 16% of readers correctly predicted that the team would get swept, which was actually a higher number than I thought it would be.

So we're back at this weekend. Here are our picks, and let us know what you think below!

Alec Sills-Trausch: Beat Stanford 81-55. Beat California 75-71. But take these for a grain of salt because I had us sweeping the Colorado/Utah series so I'm obviously not good at this.

Gabe Encinas: This is tough. I'll definitely take Arizona over Stanford, probably by about 17 points or so, 78-61. But this Cal game, that's a big one. If I'm reading the standings correctly, Arizona will be battling California for the 3rd seed in the conference. California finally got a win on the road, so luckily they won't be as hungry to get their first coming from Arizona. California is extremely talented and they're also extremely hot, coming in on an eight game win streak, beating both Oregon and L.A. schools. I think Arizona loses this one at home, making it three-straight overall. 74-71.

Matt Sheeley: Gabe York is coming off a weekend he would like everyone to forget. Even though he had a rough couple of games, I expect him to come out firing against Cal and Stanford. He knows these are his final moments at McKale, as does Kaleb Tarczewski. I expect both to come in and play their hearts out. I'll say a win over Cal, 78-72, and a win over Stanford, 85-64.

Brandon Hill: I'll go with the thinking that the Cats will have a big chip on their shoulders following the road sweep, and coupled with wanting revenge against the Golden Bears (which was a very close road loss in a tough building), that they'll bring their A game and win (there are no gimmes in the Pac-12 besides maybe Washington State, but I think we all figure Stanford is a win). Arizona desperately needs some confidence and momentum back with the Pac-12 Tourney looming.

Ryan Kelapire: My rule is that it takes an awful lot for opposing teams to win in McKale Center, so I'll say that Arizona beats Cal in a close one, then blows out Stanford to wrap up the regular season.

Jason Bartel. Same as Ryan. Sweep. Cal's playing the best it has by far all year, but I don't think that's a team that can come into McKale and win a game like Oregon did.