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Arizona basketball: Gabe York looks to prove he's an NBA-caliber player

York has an uphill battle to make an NBA roster, but he's willing to do whatever it takes to get there

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It's unlikely that Gabe York will hear his name called during the 2016 NBA Draft in June, but that doesn't mean his chance at making an NBA roster is completely out the window.

York, looking to latch onto a Summer League roster or receive a training camp invite should he not be drafted, has started his pre-draft workout process, including a workout with the Sacramento Kings on Thursday.

It figures to be the first of several workouts that he'll perform for NBA teams, and it's his chance to showcase his game as best as possible.

At Arizona, York was a solid contributor, serving as a 3-point specialist for his first three seasons before averaging 15.0 points per game as a senior in an expanded role. However, to make an NBA team, York's game will have to continue to improve and expand, and he believes his college career wasn't exactly indicative of the type of player he is or can be.

"My career at Arizona, I went 54-1 at home," he said*. "I was a part of those teams, and I was more than happy, more than grateful to be a part of those teams, but for me, I think it’s what I can do on the court that not too many people have seen from my career at Arizona."

"I sort of got caught in that role of being a shooter, and it’s gotten me to this point, so I’m obviously going to keep doing what I do, but at the same time I want to show what else I can do and what else I have, while also keeping that aspect of my game great. Getting to the rim, one-on-one actions and getting to the basket, even trying to dunk on somebody."

Even though his game, as a shooter and scorer, profiles him to be an off-guard, York -- listed generously at 6-foot-3 -- knows that his size may steer his future in the NBA towards the point guard position.

"Most definitely," he said when asked if he was open to playing point guard. "I don’t think a lot of people are thinking I would want to play the 1, but I’d be more than happy... If I could play the 1, I’ll most definitely play the 1. I’m very open to that, I think I’m more than capable enough to play the 1."

York is also making an effort to put his athleticism on display, which is a part of his game that he thinks people often overlook.

"I didn’t jump too well today, but my legs are little tired," he said. "I’ll get back into it and hopefully get back into the 40s (vertical inches) again but I don’t think people know how athletic I am, so just going through those [drills] and trying to show people I can do more than just shoot the ball."

It's going to be an uphill battle for York to make an NBA roster. He's projected to go undrafted in every single mock draft and is nowhere to be found on DraftExpress' list of the top 100 draft prospects. York simply may not have the size or skills needed to make an NBA team, but he's certainly willing to do whatever is asked of him in order to make his NBA dream a reality.

"You get me in the league, and I’ll do whatever it takes to stay," he said. "Whatever the team needs me to do, I’ll do it."

*all quotes transcribed from You can follow this author on Twitter at @RKelapireUA